The Bloody Nine

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This is the story of Niall of the Nine hostages, arguably the greatest ever Ulsterman. Empire builder, warlord, hero, villain and one of the most fecund men in history, yet you may never have heard of him. Listen to his tale here.



Show notes:

A vast chunk of the information comes from three old texts –

mac nEchach Muigmedón —  The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedon

Lebor Gabála Érenn  — The Book of Invasions

Aided Néill Nóigiallaig — The Death of Niall of the Nine Hostages


00:20 Dr Dre – next episode –  — still waiting for my remix

01:00 – Bloody Sunday –

01:00 – Bloody Friday –

First law trilogy — written by Joe Abercrombie, really couldn’t recommend the books high enough  —

George best —

Rory McIlroy —

Peter Canavan —

David Healy —

Joey Dunlop —

Liam Neeson —

Seamus Heaney  —

Ian paisley —

Martin McGuinness  —

Billy mcfadzean  —

Coohulain – hound of ulster  —ú_Chulainn

The little acoustic joiner is by Bensound –

William Wallace  —

Alexander the Great  —

Odysseus  —

Others feel the same about Jack Reacher  —

4:48 — Jack Reacher imdb –

Maverick in Topgun  —

mac nEchach Muigmedón —  The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedon

13:00 ish – an homage to the fresh prince theme song —

13:43 – dal riata —  — but no mention of Niall

Braveheart –

15:00 Scotia —

15:30 Hadrians wall –

16:33  –

18:30 – Terry Waite, a hostage in Beirut –

19 ish — Game of Thrones Locations in Ulster –

20:20 — The Death of Niall of the Nine Hostages

23:45 — Genetics of Niall —

24:45  — Flight of the Earls —

26:10 — Details of the documentary ‘Blood of the Irish’ –

End tune — The O’Neills March — — by Sean O Riada  — Just imagine getting prepped for battle with those drums and that whistle kicking in, at least I think it’s a whistle.  Its supposedly for one of the latter O’Neills such as Owen Roe or Hugh, but it just sounds so good.  Unfortunately I can only play about 30 seconds or else there may be some copyright trouble, but please click the link and go check out the tune.  Also if so inclined the plethora of comments make for interesting reading

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