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Common Names

Bally Gaelic (Baile na)'Place of' or 'Town of'Ballymena (middle town), Ballymoney (town of the moor), Ballymacarret (town of MacCarrett)
CarrickGaelic (Carraig)RockCarrickfergus (Fergus's Rock), Carrick-a-rede (Throwing Rock)
Down/Dun/DonGaelic (Dun)FortDownpatrick (St Patrick's Fort), Dundrum (fort of the hill), Donegal (Fortress of the Foreigners)
Drom/Drum Gaelic (DrimRidge Dromore (large ridge), Drumcree (Boundary Ridge)
Kil/KillyGaelic (Chill)ChurchShankill (old church), Killaney (church of the marsh)
KnockGaelic (Cnoc)HillKnocknagoney (hill of the rabbits), Ballyknock (town of the hill)
SlieveGaelic (Sliabh)MountainSlieve Donnard (Donards Mountain), Slieve Muck (Pig Mountain)
FordNorse (Fjordor)Sea-InletStrangford (Strong Sea-inlet), Carlingford (Sea-inlet of the hag)
BurnGaelic (Burn)Brook or StreamCrawfordsburn (The stream of the Crawfords),